Awesome Review… Humbled

I’d like to thank AC Country and Leah Concialdi for the AWESOME, unexpected review! Make’s an artist feel good to know News Outlets and Fans are picking up on my music and really enjoying!

Oct. 12 2017

“October Top 5 Social Roundup

We’re suckers for robust baritone voices, so naturally, we were drawn into Chris Stephen’s live performance video for his song “More Than I Deserve.” If you asked us what it takes for a song to leave a lasting impressions, we’d say plenty of contrast and potent lyrical content. Each section of “More Than I Deserve” ramps up in intensity and the band does a wonderful job supporting Stephen’s sincere lyrics. We don’t always live in sunshine and bright times, so a song that promises a future to look forward to that’s narrated by a man of his word is the perfect recipe to keep spirits high.

Leah Concialdi”

October Top 5 Social Roundup